24K Gold Foil Waterproof Poker Cards: Shiny, High-quality, Waterproof & Durable

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24K Gold Foil Playing Card Tuhao Gold Waterproof PET/PVC Plastic Texas Checker

  • Smooth and Shiny: Unlike regular poker, this card features a cool gold and silver background and a colorful pattern that makes it smooth and shiny.
  • High-quality Materials: We use high-quality environmental-friendly materials, which are flexible and corrosion-resistant, they can prolong the service life and can be bent at will.
  • 100% Waterproof: You can use them for a few hours and then put them under water to clean without worrying about any dirt and smudges.
  • High-grade Appearance: The card pattern adopts advanced high-temperature laser hot stamping technology. They will shine in the light and are suitable for use in well-lit areas or outdoors.
  • Wide Application: The playing cards are highly flexible, durable, scratch-free, non-fading, 100% waterproof and ideal for taking to the beach, swimming pool or camping.

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