Colorful Sewing Clips Set: Essential Crafting Clips for Sewing & More

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Style: Mix colors 20PCS

Colorful Sewing Clips Set: Secure Plastic Craft Clips for Sewing, Crocheting, and More - 50PCS - Needle-Free Crafting Essentials

  • Secure Plastic Craft Clips: Ensure firm fixation
  • Convenient Needle-Free Crafting: Effortlessly repositioned
  • Prevent Slipping: Secure double-layer fabric
  • Versatile Use: Organizing, hanging, displaying
  • High-Quality Material: Durable plastic and metal
  • Sewing Clips Set: 50PCS for safety
  • Crocheting, Knitting, Binding: Suitable for various crafts
  • Firm Fixation: Features bumps for a secure hold
  • Needle-Free Crafting Essentials: Easy needle changes
  • Multifunctional Clips: Ideal for different uses

Notes: Actual product color may vary. Measurement deviation of 1-3cm may occur.

Package Includes: Choose from: 20 x sewing clips or 50 x sewing clips

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Style: Mix colors 20PCS

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