Professional Mint Wax Dental Flosser: Superior Cleaning Experience

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Professional Mint Wax Dental Flosser: Superior Cleaning Experience

Key Features:

  • Built-in Spool of Mint Wax: For a delightful and refreshing flossing experience every time.
  • Flat Wire Dental Floss: This design ensures thorough cleaning between teeth, reaching where regular floss can't.
  • Generous Quantity: Each roll contains 50 meters of waxed nylon floss. With a pack of 10 rolls, you're set for long-lasting use.
  • Extra-Large Size: With a diameter of 29-31mm and a height of 11-12mm, it ensures effective cleaning.
  • Trusted Brand: With model number FH05, AZDENT has been a reliable name in oral care products.


  • Superior cleaning results
  • Delightful and refreshing flossing experience
  • Thorough cleaning between teeth
  • Long-lasting use with a pack of 10 rolls
  • Effective cleaning with extra-large size
  • Reliable and trusted brand for oral care


Upgrade your oral hygiene routine with the AZDENT Professional Mint Wax Dental Flosser for a professional-grade cleaning experience.

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Style: 10pcs

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