Interactive Catnip Squeak Ball: Engage your cat with realistic sounds & catnip fun. Fast Shipping & Quality Assurance by COOYOMOO.

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Style: Elves Pink
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Interactive Catnip Squeak Ball

Key Features:

  • Realistic Sounds: Mimics sounds of three different animals
  • Smart Trigger Faucet: High-sensitivity sounder activated by cat's paw
  • Catnip Compatibility: Catnip can be added for enhanced playtime
  • Quality Assurance: Guaranteed by COOYOMOO
  • Fast Shipping: Swift order processing and prompt delivery


  • Engages Cats: Triggers hunting instincts
  • Promotes Exercise: Enhances physical activity
  • Mental Stimulation: Keeps cats mentally active
  • Quality Products: Ensures durability and satisfaction


Dedicated to creating suitable products for pets, bringing joy and companionship.

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Style: Elves Pink
Ships From: CHINA

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