10 in 1 USB Tester DC Digital Voltmeter Amperimetro Current Voltage Meter Amp Volt Ammeter Detector Power Bank Charger Indicator

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Color: White


Brand Name: GlintDeer


Origin: Mainland China

Dimensions: as the picture shows

Operating Temperature: normal

Accuracy Class: -

Display Type: Digital Only

Power Supply: DC

Certification: CE

Certification: RoHS

Model Number: KWS-MX18L

Product compatibility:: Low end charging head will be incompatible

Connector type:: only USB connector

10 in 1 for white/black color.


1. Real-time detection of the state of charge of the appliance, voltage, current, power and other indicators;

2. The tester is widely used in the quality inspection of 3C digital and peripheral products of USB interface.It is the first choice for electronics enthusiasts;

3. It adopts 0.96 inch IPS high-definition color liquid crystal display, which can be connected in two directions, 160 degree wide viewing angle, high brightness and long working life.

4. Support the identification of QC2.0, QC3.0, PD, SAMSUNG quick charge protocol;

5. Internal use of professional instrument sampling circuit, coupled with unique precision algorithm, ensures the accuracy and stability of the product at the hardware and software level;

6. With power-off storage function, when the mobile power is cut off, it can store capacity and energy data, which is convenient for subsequent viewing, and is convenient for measuring the energy capacity of the mobile power source;

7. Can help us clearly understand the load resistance and current discharge power, and better understand the range of use of the load.


Voltage: 4-30V

Voltage resolution: 0.002A

Current: 0-5A

Current resolution: 0.002A

Capacity: 0-999999mWh

Load resistance: 1-9999.9Ω

Power: 0-150W

Energy: 0.999999mWh

Timing: 0-99 hours

Interface: USB24pin

Test direction: two-way

Display: 0.96 inch color screen

Color: White, Black

Weight: 15G (including packaging)

Size: 55*26.5*11.5mm

Package Includes:

1 x USB Tester

Function Operation Description

1: Click to view the saved charging data of 1-9 groups.

2: Press the key for 3 seconds to clear the saved charging data of a single group.

3: Double click the key quickly to change the display page.

4: Press and hold the key for a long time, then plug in the power again, and enter the voltage calibration, such as the display (5.526V →). Double click the key again quickly, such as the display (5.528V1). Click the key to increase the display voltage.

Double click the button again quickly, such as the display (5528V4). Click the button to lower the display voltage.

Double click the key again, such as (5.526V -), and then click the key to display


The system automatically calibrates the current. After the calibration, it will automatically return to the main function page for normal use.

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