Elevate Your Nail Care Routine with Countonme's Professional Wooden Nail Files

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Style: 100 180 Grit

Elevate Your Nail Care Routine with Countonme's Professional Wooden Nail Files

Upgrade Your Nail Care Routine with Countonme's Professional Curved Wooden Nail Files - Set of 10. Experience professional-level nail care at the comfort of your home with Countonme's Professional Curved Wooden Nail Files! This set of 10 immaculately crafted nail files is a game-changer, designed to take your nail grooming experience to the next level. The nail files are made of durable wood and sandpaper, promising long-lasting use. They are designed with a 180/240 Buffer, enabling efficient and precise nail filing. Perfect for nail treatment, nail extensions, and manicure procedures, they provide a professional finish every time. Each file measures 17.8*2.8*0.15cm, providing a comfortable grip and making it an essential tool not just for personal finger care, but also for woodworking and salon usage. The set comes in two stylish color options - Grey Boat and Grey Half Moon.

  • High-quality wooden nail files (10pcs/lot)
  • Durable Wood and Sandpaper construction
  • 180/240 Buffer for efficient nail filing
  • Perfect for nail treatment, extensions, and manicure procedures
  • Two stylish color options: Grey Boat and Grey Half Moon
  • Varying grit options: 100/180 and 180/240
  • Washable and easy to clean

Our nail files offer two varying grit options: 100/180 and 180/240, for versatile use. Whether you're prepping for a new coat of polish, smoothing rough edges, or shaping your nails, there's a grit to suit your needs. What sets our wooden nail files apart is that they are washable and easy to clean for repeated use. This ensures that you always have a clean, ready-to-use tool at your disposal. The package includes 10 pieces of Professional Curved Wooden Nail Files. Elevate your nail care regimen with Countonme's Professional Nail Files!

Key Features:

  • Professional-level nail care
  • Wooden nail files
  • 180/240 buffer
  • Nail treatment
  • Nail extensions
  • Manicure procedures
  • Stylish color options
  • Varying grit options
  • Washable nail files
  • Elevate nail care

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Style: 100 180 Grit

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