Colorful Tassel Garland Set: Vibrant DIY Decor for Parties

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Style: Emerald Set

Colorful DIY Tassel Garland Set for Parties: Festive Decor for Baby Showers, Birthdays, Weddings, and More

Key Features:

  • Vibrant Colors
  • Multiple Occasions
  • DIY Decoration
  • High-Quality Material
  • Easy to Use


  • Create a lively and festive atmosphere
  • Perfect for various events
  • Personalize party decor
  • Durable and classy look
  • Hassle-free setup

Appeal: Add a playful and elegant touch to your special events with these exquisite tassel garlands.

Functionality: Make every moment memorable with these charming decorations.

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Style: Emerald Set

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