Dog Safety Belt Set: Elastic Bungee & Reflective Design for Pet Travel

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Dog Car Safety Belt Set: Pet Travel Harness with Reflective Design

Ensure your furry friend's safety during car rides with our Dog Car Safety Belt Set featuring an Elastic Bungee and Reflective Design.

Main Features:

  • Safe and Secure: The adjustable metal buckle provides a secure fit for your pet, keeping them safe during travel.
  • Comfortable and Flexible: The elastic bungee buffer offers flexibility and comfort, ideal for sudden stops or turns.
  • Reflective Design: Enhanced with reflective stitching for improved visibility, ensuring your pet's safety during nighttime journeys.
  • Easy to Use: Simply attach the seatbelt to your pet's harness and insert the metal buckle into the car's seatbelt receptacle for quick installation.
  • Universal Fit: Suitable for small, medium, and large dogs, making it a versatile safety solution for pet owners of different breeds.

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Style: Type A

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