Rose Gold Geometric Nail Sticker Set for Chic Manicures

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Color: STZ-GS104 Rose Gold

Rose Gold Geometric Nail Sticker Set for Chic Manicures

High-Quality Nail Art:

  • 3D Simple Lines Nail Stickers
  • Rose Gold Metal Stripes

Unique Geometric Designs:

  • Triangles
  • Waves
  • Lines
  • Smiles

Easy Application:

  • Self-adhesive sliders
  • Easy to apply on natural and artificial nails

Versatile Usage:

  • Ideal for beginners and nail art enthusiasts
  • Perfect for summer decorations

Professional-Looking Manicure:

  • Achieve a professional-looking manicure effortlessly

Modern Touch:

  • Add a modern touch to your nail art

Summer Decorations:

  • Charming element for nail designs in summer

Ample Material:

  • Package includes 1 sheet of Nail Stickers in gold and silver tones
  • Measuring 11.5 x 8cm

Unique Nail Art Designs:

  • Create unique nail art designs with geometric sliders

Charming Element:

  • Enhance nail designs with the Rose Gold 3D Nail Sticker Set

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Color: STZ-GS104 Rose Gold

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