White Fabric Fusion Tape: Enhance Sewing Projects with Ease

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Style: 1cm White

White Double Sided Interlining Adhesive Tape: Fabric Fusion Essential for DIY Sewing - Enhance Projects with Ease

  • Key Features:
    • Strong & Durable Polyester Material
    • Versatile Usage for Various Projects
    • Suitable for Different Fabric Types
    • Easy Application with Ironing
    • Bulk Quantity - 64 meters per roll
  • Benefits:
    • Secure and Long-lasting Fabric Bond
    • Professional-looking Results
    • Convenient and Mess-free Alternative to Hemming
    • Ample Supply for Multiple Projects

Enhance your sewing projects with ease using our White Double Sided Interlining Adhesive Tape! Crafted from stretchy polyester material, this tape ensures a strong and seamless bond for various fabrics. Perfect for curtains, upholstery, dresses, jeans, and more, it can also be used for mending holes and binding quilts. Suitable for denim, cotton, silk, linen, satin, and other fabric types, this adhesive tape is a versatile addition to your sewing kit. Simply place between fabrics, iron, and enjoy a secure bond without the hassle of hemming. Upgrade your DIY sewing experience with this essential fabric fusion tape!

Find our White Double Sided Interlining Adhesive Tape here!

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Style: 1cm White

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