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Golden Elegance: Shiny Gold Leaf Sheets for Creative Crafts - Luxurious Decor

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Color: 100pcs

Golden Elegance: Shiny Gold Leaf Sheets for Creative Crafts - Luxurious Decor

Key Features:

  • Luxurious Pure Shiny Gold Leaf Sheets
  • Imported high-quality metal material from Mainland China
  • Each sheet measures 9x9 cm
  • Set of 100 pieces of practical K pure shiny gold leaf
  • Not edible, for crafts and decoration only


  • Enhance creative projects with luxurious gold leaf
  • Perfect for gifts, weddings, parties, and office decor
  • Suitable for indoor decoration in various settings
  • Allows for crafting versatility and creativity
  • Bring sophistication and elegance to surroundings


  • Luxurious gold accents
  • Transformative decorative effects
  • Elegant gold enhancements


  • Adheres beautifully to various surfaces
  • Creates stunning effects on metope, Roman columns, paintings, and crafts
  • Great for home improvement and indoor decoration

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Color: 100pcs

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