Luxury Rhinestone Flower Pet Collar: Shimmering Glam for Pets

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Color: 012 Pink
Size: XS

Luxury Rhinestone Flower Pet Collar: Shimmering Glam for Pets

Luxury Rhinestone Flower Pet Collar: Sparkling Neckwear for Glamorous Dogs and Cats. Indulge your beloved pet in luxury and style with our Luxury Flower Design Rhinestone Pet Collar. Let your furry companions shine and stand out with this exquisite collar that combines glamour with functionality.

Main Features:

  • Design: Dazzling flower design with sparkling rhinestones
  • Material: Soft suede leather for comfort
  • Features: Personalized, jeweled, bling shiny, diamante
  • Colors: Available in Purple, Black, Blue, and Pink
  • Sizes: XS, S, M, L to suit small to medium dogs and cats
  • Applicable Breeds: Ideal for breeds like Chihuahua, Teddy, Pug, Yorkshire, and more

Add a touch of glamour to your pet's wardrobe with this collar that is perfect for any season. Elevate their style and make them the center of attention wherever they go.

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Color: 012 Pink
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