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CCTV Camera Power Splitter Cable: Boost Security Setup

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Style: about 22cm

CCTV Camera Power Splitter Cable: Boost Security Setup

Upgrade Your CCTV Camera Setup

Enhanced Security: Improve your CCTV camera setup for advanced security measures.


Elevate your security system or LED light strip with this cable.


Ensures reliable performance and durability.

Professional Appearance

Provides a neat and organized cabling solution.

Time-Saving Installation

Quick and easy setup for CCTV cameras.


Economical solution for enhancing your security setup.

Flexible PVC Material

Offers durability and flexibility for long-term use.

Seamless Compatibility

5.5mm*2.1mm plug size fits various devices effortlessly.


Compatible with any 2.1mm male DC power adaptor for versatility.


Make the most out of your security or lighting setup with this cable.

Package Includes

1 x DC Power Splitter Cable

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Style: about 22cm

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