Dog Car Seat Cover: Ultimate Waterproof Pet Hammock Protector

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Color: Back Seat Cover
Size: X-Large (162x153cm)
Ships From: CHINA

Dog Car Seat Cover Waterproof Dog Car Accessories Pet Dog Carrier Car Hammock Cushion Protector Travel Rear Back Seat Mat

  • Waterproof: Features two waterproof layers for ultimate protection.
  • Dog Car Accessories: Essential accessories for pet owners who travel with their furry friends.
  • Pet Dog Carrier: Provides a safe and comfortable space for pets during car rides.
  • Car Hammock: Easily convertible between hammock or standard bench coverage.
  • Cushion Protector: Protects the car seats from scratches and mud.
  • Travel Rear Back Seat Mat: Ensures complete back seat coverage for cleanliness.
  • Larger Size: 143cm Wide * 152cm Length, covering the entire back seat.
  • Nonslip & Safe: Non-slip surface, seat anchors, and velcro openings for seat belts ensure safety.
  • Easy to Install & Clean: Quick release clips for installation and machine washable for easy cleaning.
  • Eco-friendly & Durable: Made of eco-friendly materials, durable for long-term use.

This Dog Car Seat Cover is a must-have accessory for pet owners who love traveling with their furry friends. With its larger size and complete back seat coverage, it provides excellent protection from scratches and mud, ensuring your car stays clean. The versatile design allows for easy conversion between a hammock or standard bench coverage, making it convenient for both pets and passengers. The dual waterproof layers and heat-pressing technology guarantee 100% waterproofing without compromising on style. Safety is a top priority with the non-slip surface, seat anchors, and velcro openings for seat belts, keeping your dog secure during the journey. Moreover, the easy installation with quick release clips and machine washable material make maintenance a breeze. Eco-friendly, durable, and functional, this Dog Car Seat Cover is the perfect solution for pet owners who want to keep their car clean and their pets safe while on the go.

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Color: Back Seat Cover
Size: X-Large (162x153cm)
Ships From: CHINA

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