Electronic Plush Rabbit Toy Robot Bunny: Interactive Walking Cute Pet for Kids

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Electronic Plush Rabbit Toy Robot Bunny Walking Jumping Running Animal Shake Ears Cute Electric Pet for Kids Birthday Gifts

  • Key Features: Battery Operated, Soft, Stuffed, Sounding
  • Benefits: Interactive, Simulation, Cute, Best Gift
  • Functionality: Walk, Bark, Move Mouth, Shake Ears
  • Appeal: Unisex, Kids Birthday Gift, Easter Plush Stuffed Bunny

Get this adorable Electronic Plush Rabbit Toy Robot Bunny that walks, jumps, runs, and shakes its ears. This Cute Electric Pet is a perfect gift for kids. The plush toy operates on 2 AA batteries and offers an interactive experience. Ideal for children aged 3 and above, this Stuffed Rabbit is a fun and engaging companion. The Long-haired Electric Pet is both soft and realistic, providing a delightful playtime experience. Buy now for a charming addition to your child's toy collection!

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Style: long

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