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Felt Tablet Sleeve for MacBooks: Stylish Storage Case & Protection

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Style: Light Grey
Size: 15 Inch
Ships From: CHINA

Felt Tablet Sleeve for MacBooks: Stylish Storage Case & Protection

Description: The Felt Tablet Sleeve for MacBooks offers a stylish storage case and reliable protection for your device. Crafted with high-quality felt material, this sleeve combines sleekness and portability with a fashionable and elegant appearance. It boasts versatile compatibility with MacBook Air/Pro models of 11", 13", and 15", featuring anti-scratch and dirt-resistant properties. The magic tape closure ensures secure fastening, while providing premium protection against scratches, making it a protective case for device safety. Additionally, it serves as a tablet storage bag for added convenience, functioning both as a stylish accessory and a perfect gift.

Key Features:

  • High-Quality felt material
  • Sleek & Portable design
  • Fashionable and elegant appearance
  • Versatile Compatibility with MacBook Air / Pro 11", 13", and 15"
  • Anti-scratch and dirt-resistant features
  • Magic Tape closure for secure fastening
  • Premium Protection against scratches
  • Protective Case for device safety
  • Tablet Storage Bag for convenience
  • Stylish Accessory and perfect gift

Size Details:

  • 11": 28cm x 20.5cm x 0.5cm / 11" x 8" x 0.2" (Approx.)
  • 13": 33cm x 26cm x 0.5cm / 13" x 10.24" x 0.2" (Approx.)
  • 15": 37.5cm x 29.5cm x 0.5cm / 15" x 11.6" x 0.2" (Approx.)

Package Includes:

1 x Tablet Bag (Tablet not included)

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Style: Light Grey
Size: 15 Inch
Ships From: CHINA

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