GODIAG GT101 PIRT Power Probe Electrical Circuit Tester GT102 OBD Diagnose Scann /Fuel Injector Testing Relay Tool

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Brand Name: GODIAG

Origin: Mainland China

External Testing Certification: ce

Hardware Version: Latest

Item Length: 25

Item Width: 10

Model Name: HKAD179

Item Height: 20

Item Weight: 1.2

Electronic: No

Function: circuit-tester with diagnose function

Function: Best

Warranty: One Year

Shipping: Fast and Safe

GODIAG GT101 PIRT Power Probe DC 6-40V Vehicles Electrical System Diagnosis/

Fuel Injector Cleaning and Testing/ Current Detection/Relay Testing

GODIAG GT101 PIRT Power Probe is a multi-use circuit-tester with built-in diagnostic power. It is the best electrical tester for reducing diagnostic time in all 6- to 40-volt vehicle electrical systems. Undoubtedly it is the most versatile and practical tool ever for its users.

This tool simplifies the testing of fuse boxes, verifies the correct operation of motors, lights, relays, sensors, wires, and communication-circuits. The large digital color display makes for easy viewing in direct sunlight or complete darkness.

Main Functions of GODIAG GT101 PIRT Power Probe:

1.Circuit Troubleshooting Test (Short Circuit, Open Circuit)

When the vehicle's headlights, turn signals, lift windows, sunroofs and other functions fail, GT101 can be used to detect the circuit voltage or supply power for these components to find out whether it is a circuit problem or a component damage.

1)According to the circuit diagram, locate the fault point that may have the problem, and the GT101 electric tester can detect the positive and negative electricity.

2)Detect whether the circuit has normal positive or negative electricity.

3)Input positive voltage to the malfunctioning component (for example, headlight or motor). If the component works normally, it means that the circuit may be open. Otherwise, it means that the component is damaged.

2.Relay Test

When the car's headlights, turn signals, horn and the engine starter do not work, if there is no problem with these components after detection, you can check the relay switch.

After the relay is removed from the car, connect the adapter based on the connection of the relay.

3.Fuel Injector Test

When the vehicle has difficulty in starting, acceleration and fuel consumption, etc, it is necessary to check the fuel injector.

When detecting the fuel injector, if the fuel injector is driven to open or close, the ammeter shows the normal value and the fuel injector woks normally, it means that the fuel injector is normal. Otherwise, it means that the fuel injector is damaged.

4.Fuel Injector Cleaning

When the fuel injector is blocked, the fuel injection is not smooth. There are carbon deposits and thick sticky substance in the gap of the fuel injector. The designed fuel injection volume or atomization effect cannot be achieved, it needs to be cleaned.

1)Prepare a fuel injector cleaner pressurized can or a carburetor cleaner pressurized can(nozzle diameter of the pressurized cans : 4mm)

2)Hold the manual cleaning tool tightly with your hand, and firmly fix the fuel injector with your fingers to prevent the pressure of the cleaner can from washing away the the fuel injector.

3)Pay attention to the hazards of liquid to human body during manual cleaning, and take protective measures. Do not operate in dangerous places with open flames because the pressurized cans are extremely flammable. Choose an open place to facilitate the discharge of cleaning liquid.)

Key Features of GODIAG GT101 PIRT Power Probe:

Performs every type of service including power injection, measurement, ground testing, polarity checks, continuity testing and components activation

Easy-to-read volt-ammeter allows you to read voltage and current at your fingertips.

With a flip of the output switch, you have positive and negative electricity via the probe for powering up electrical components like cooling fans, relays, etc.

Simultaneously uses the hot lead and the ground lead to activate components right in your hand

Instantly identifies positive, negative and open circuits

Tests for bad ground contacts instantly, allowing you to follow and locate shorts fast without wasting fuses

Instantly checks continuity of switches and relays.

Circuit breaker protected

Built-in Flashlight enables you to work in the dark

Audio tone indicator allows for no-look menu scrolling once users are familiar with menu tone assignment

20ft (can be extended via extendable cable port) cable provides excellent accessibility to test along the vehicle

Extremely easy to use and highly reliable

Used for DC 6-40v cars, motorcycles, trucks, buses, engineering vehicles, vessels, tractors, mining vehicles and other vehicles that use DC circuits.

Top Reasons Why You Need GODIAG GT101 PIRT Power Probe:

①GODIAG PIRT Power Probe is a special circuit maintenance testing tool which is developed for automobile maintenance workers and engineers.

②It can be used to diagnose an open circuit, short circuit, detect positive and negative circuit and pulse current of power lines; and support the testing of lighting lamp,window lift motor, horn, ECU control Unit power supply and other individual component, vehicle component circuit.

③Moreover, its function also covers the detection of relays and fuel injectors as well as the cleaning of fuel injectors.

④The output current can be reversed to form a loop power, and when the current exceeds 20A, it automatically trip to protect the device and extend the service life.

⑤It can detect all 0-80v electronic systems, greatly shortening the detection time. The connection with the car battery is simple and easy to use.

The Product Comparison Chart

Product Functions/Names

GoDiag GT101

GoDiag GT102



Product Picture

DC voltage 

AC voltage



Positive and negative voltage output

Component activation






Open circuit detection

Short circuit detection

Fuel injector test


Fuel injector cleaning



Relay test


Oscilloscope function





Product Parameters



DC  Power

DC  Car battery power(Suitable for 6-40v)

Power Consumption


Operating Temperature 

-5 to 50 degrees Celsius

Storage Temperature    

-5 to 60 degrees Celsius

The Box Size 


The Main Unit Size




Wire Length


Shell Material 

ABS Environment-Friendly Materials 

Package Includes:

1pc x Main Unit of GODIAG GT101 PIRT Power Probe

1pc x Clip to Connect Battery

1pc x Probe

1pc x Probe Cap

1pc x Fuel Injector Test Lead

1pc x 10mm Fuel Injector Cleaning Connector

1pc x 12mm Fuel Injector Cleaning Connector

1pc x Simple Relay Test Adapter

5pcs Simple Relay Connection Leads

1pc x English Manual

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