Retro Swing Collar T-shirt: Nostalgic Style for Modern Youth

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Main color: Brown
Size: S

Kliou Retro Swing Collar T-shirt: Vintage-Inspired Street Style for Fashion-Forward Youth

Retro Swing Collar

Kliou Retro Swing Collar T-shirt: Embracing a unique collar design

Vintage-Inspired Street Style

Vintage-Inspired Street Style: Infusing nostalgia into contemporary fashion

Fashion-Forward Youth

Fashion-Forward Youth: Catering to the style-conscious younger generation

Polyester Spandex Blend

Polyester Spandex Blend: Ensuring comfort and flexibility

Hooded Collar

Hooded Collar: Adding a trendy touch to the design

Autumn/Fall 2023

Autumn/Fall 2023: Perfect for the upcoming season

Slim Fit

Slim Fit: Tailored for a modern silhouette

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Main color: Brown
Size: S

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