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Frosted Matte Translucent iPhone Case: Ultimate Luxury Protection

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Style: Dark Blue
Material: For iphone15

Frosted Matte Translucent iPhone Case: Sleek Design, Magsafe Compatible for Luxury Matte Finish - 360 Degree Protection

Product Description:

  • Frosted Matte Translucent iPhone Case: Plain, Transparent with Matte/Anti-Glare finish
  • Magsafe Magnetic Wireless Charging Compatible Design: Features Anti-Scratch and Dustproof
  • Water-Resistant: Added protection
  • Drop resistance and Shockproof: Quality silicone cover
  • 360 Degree Full protection Back Cover: Shockproof Transparent Case for ultimate defense
  • Functionality: Magsafe Magnetic Wireless Charging Compatibility
  • Suitability: Ideal for iPhone users looking for a luxury matte finish

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Style: Dark Blue
Material: For iphone15

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