Pet Waste Bag Dispenser: Durable Plastic, Enhanced Snap Hook, Convenient Disassembly

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New Pet Waste Bag Dispenser

  • Safety Material: Made from strong and durable plastic, ensuring safety for your pet.
  • Enhanced Snap Hook: Features a climbing buckle design for secure attachment and easy carrying.
  • Convenient Disassembly: Easily replace garbage bags, saving time and effort.
  • Transparent Design: Transparent box allows you to see when to replace the garbage bag without scratching.
  • Top Spin Down: The top of the box can be spun down for quick and easy bag replacement.

Specifications: Material: Plastic, Size: 10x4cm, Weight: 18g

Package Includes: Garbage bag dispenser x 1

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  • Safety Material
  • Enhanced Snap Hook
  • Convenient Disassembly
  • Transparent Design
  • Top Spin Down

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