Patchwork Fishtail Skirt: Stylish Summer Essential

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Color classification: Gray Blue
Size: 165/80A

New Sleeveless Patchwork Fishtail Skirt: Fashionable Summer Chic

Sleek Design

Key Features: Slim-fitting silhouette, trendy fishtail hem

Benefit: Step into style effortlessly

Link: Sleek Design

Unique Patchwork

Key Features: Eye-catching patchwork detail

Benefit: Stand out with flair

Link: Unique Patchwork

Comfortable Fabric

Key Features: Lightweight chiffon material

Benefit: Perfect for staying cool and stylish

Link: Comfortable Fabric

Vibrant Color

Key Features: Solid color design

Benefit: Versatile styling options

Link: Vibrant Color

Easy Wear

Key Features: V collar, zipper placket

Benefit: Effortless to put on and take off

Link: Easy Wear

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Color classification: Gray Blue
Size: 165/80A

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