Aurora Nail Powder: Sparkling Glitter for Glamorous Manicures

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Style: NDA009

Aurora Nail Powder: Sparkling Glitter for Glamorous Manicures

Aurora Effect

Key Features: Radiant chameleon effect sparkle

Appeal: Transform your nails with a mesmerizing look

Professional Results

Key Features: Salon-quality manicures

Benefits: Effortlessly achieve stunning results


Key Features: Perfect for acrylic nails and nail art designs

Functionality: Versatile product for various nail looks

Easy Application

Key Features: Simple steps for a flawless finish

Benefit: Quick and easy to use for all skill levels


Key Features: Raise your manicure game to new heights

Appeal: Elevate your style with dazzling nails


Key Features: Touch of sparkle and glamour

Appeal: Add shimmering beauty to any look


Key Features: Create works of art on your nails

Benefits: Achieve a captivating nail design

Statement Nails

Key Features: Make a statement with your nails

Functionality: Stand out with bold and beautiful nails

Shimmering Beauty

Key Features: Achieve mesmerizing beauty

Benefit: Shine with shimmering and glamorous nails


Key Features: Nail glitter by NICOLE DIARY

Benefit: Enhance your manicures with glamorous sparkle

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Style: NDA009

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