Silicone Non-Slip Wig Grip Band: Enhance Comfort & Promote Hair Growth

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Color: 3pc Beige

Non Slip Silicone Wig Grip Headband Transparent Black Brown Wig Band

Transparent Silicone: Made of food-grade silicone, top quality, sweatproof, and waterproof.

Adjustable Size: 4cmx23cm, elastic band for wigs with high elasticity.

Multiple Colors: Available in Black, White, Pink, Beige, Brown, and Light Brown.

Anti-Slip Design: Stops wig from slipping back and promotes natural hair growth.

Reusable & Durable: Made of high-quality silicone, softest, stretchable, and long-lasting.

Sweatproof & Water Proof: Can be worn during physical activities and easy to clean.

Secure Wig Gripper: Ensures wig stays in place without the need for glue or gel.

Easy to Use: Short drop-shaped design for a comfortable fit on both scalp and wig.

Comfortable & Invisible: Soft and comfortable silicone band that is barely noticeable.

Promotes Hair Growth: Protects and stimulates the scalp while keeping the wig secure.

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Color: 3pc Beige

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