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Wood Panel Smart Dimmer: Effortless Lighting Control - Touch Sensor LED Switch

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Style: Dupont wire Black

Wood Panel Smart Dimmer: Effortless Lighting Control - Touch Sensor LED Switch

Key Features:

  • Enhanced Material Detection: Detects materials up to 25mm thick
  • Smart Dimmer Control: Experience Seamless Lighting Control
  • Penetrable design: Suitable for 25mm wood panels
  • Hand Sweep Control: For effortless operation
  • Easy Installation Anywhere: Compatible with DC 12V LED lights, No drilling required
  • Versatile Material Detection: Suitable for wood, rock, paper, acrylic, plastic, and glass
  • Responsive Touch Sensor: Adjusts sensitivity for reliable performance


  • Effortless Lighting Control: Enhances the ambiance with ease
  • Hassle-free Setup: No drilling needed for installation
  • Wide Material Compatibility: Works with various materials
  • Smooth Touch Sensor: Ensures convenient adjustments

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Style: Dupont wire Black

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