Dog Booster Car Seat: Sturdy Washable Detachable Bed & Carrier

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Style: 55x50x35cm
Color: Grey

Pet Car Seat for Large Medium Dogs Washable Dog Booster Pet Car Seat Detachable Dog Bed for Car Back Seat Pet Travel Carrier Bed

Key Features:

  • Sturdy Oxford Fabric: Made of durable oxford fabric with reinforced stitching for durability and comfort.
  • Fully Detachable and Washable: Built-in sliding zippers for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Adjustable Belts and Anti-slip Bottom: Sturdy belts and rubber bottom for secure travel.
  • Easy to Install: Adjustable buckle design for quick installation in various car types.
  • 2 Storage Pockets and 2 Sided Cushions: Convenient storage and reversible cushion for all-season use.


  • Provides a comfortable and secure space for large and medium dogs during car travel.
  • Easy to clean and maintain, ensuring a hygienic environment for your pet.
  • Helps prevent distractions while driving by keeping your pet safely restrained.
  • Offers storage options for pet essentials, saving space in the car.
  • Suitable for use in all seasons, providing versatility and comfort.


Appealing to pet owners looking for a reliable, easy-to-clean, and secure car seat for their large or medium dogs during travel.


Designed to provide comfort, safety, and convenience for pets and their owners during car journeys.

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Style: 55x50x35cm
Color: Grey

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