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Pet Food Storage Container Seal Airtight with Measuring Cup - Stackable Grain Box

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Style: black
Size: 4-5L

Pet Food Storage Container Seal Airtight with Measuring Cup - Stackable Grain Box

Key Features:

  • Moisture Proof Seal: Keeps pet food dry and fresh
  • Airtight: Prevents air exposure, maintaining food quality
  • Measuring Cup: Convenient for accurate portion control
  • Stackable: Saves space and organizes storage
  • High Temperature Resistance: Suitable for various storage conditions
  • Anti-Insect & Anti-Moisture: Protects food from pests and dampness
  • Anti-Mould: Ensures food stays mold-free
  • One Button Switch: Easy to open and close
  • Glass Transparent Scale: Allows for easy monitoring of food levels
  • Grain Storage Box: Ideal for storing different types of pet food


  • Keeps pet food fresh for longer
  • Helps in portion control for pets
  • Space-saving and efficient storage solution
  • Suitable for various pet food types
  • Durable and resistant to different storage conditions


For pet owners looking for a convenient, durable, and efficient way to store and organize their pet's food, this Pet Food Storage Container is the perfect solution. With airtight seal and stackable design, it ensures freshness and saves space while providing easy access with the measuring cup.


Designed to keep pet food dry, fresh, and easily accessible, this storage container offers a practical solution for pet owners to store and manage their pet's food effectively.

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Style: black
Size: 4-5L

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