Pet Grooming Silicone Glove for Dog Cat Bathing & Cleaning

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Pet Grooming Silicone Glove for Dog Cat Bathing & Cleaning

Key Features:

  • ECO-FRIENDLY SILICONE MATERIAL: Made of eco-friendly silicone for comfort
  • REMOVE LOOSE PET HAIR AND DETANGLE: 3,000+ pin brush heads for gentle dirt removal and hair detangling
  • HEAT RESISTANT & EASY TO CLEAN: Heat resistant up to 500°F for sterilization, easy hair removal
  • VERSATILE USE: Suitable for dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, and household cleaning tasks
  • GREAT GIFT FOR PET LOVERS: Perfect grooming solution for pets, ideal gift for pet lovers


  • Soft and elastic material for comfort during prolonged use
  • Gently removes dirt, detangles matted hair, and provides a relaxing deshedding or massaging experience
  • Effective for pets of any hair length, versatile for various household tasks
  • Offers an efficient grooming solution, making it a thoughtful gift for pet owners

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Style: Light Green

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