Glamorous Rhinestone Nightclub Dress: Elegant Statement Piece for Stylish Nights

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Color classification: Black
Size: 165/80A

Glamorous Rhinestone Tassel Nightclub Dress: Sparkling Statement Piece for Elegant Nights

Rhinestone Tassel Dress

Nightclub Slim-Fit Dress

Sparkling Statement Piece

Elegant Nights

Product Essence: A stunning Rhinestone Tassel Nightclub Dress designed as a sparkling statement piece for elegant nights out.

Key Features:

  • High-quality fabric
  • Elegant solid color pattern
  • Chic street style
  • One-word collar
  • Flattering middle waist
  • Easy pullover design
  • Sleeveless for a sleek look


  • Sophisticated backless style
  • Unique splicing details
  • Rhinestone tassels for a glamorous touch
  • Exquisite diamond embellishments

Functionality: Perfect for the summer season, listed in Spring 2022, stylish short skirt, made of 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex for a comfortable fit.

Appeal: Targeted for the age range of 18-24 years old, offering a glamorous and sleek look for elegant nights at nightclubs.

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Color classification: Black
Size: 165/80A

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