Square-Cut Backless Collar Top: Chic Streetwear for Women

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Color classification: Black
Size: 165/80A

Backless Square-Cut Collar Top: Stylish Streetwear for Women

Fashion-forward Design:

Keywords: European street style, American street style influence

Square-Cut Collar:

Keywords: Touch of allure, sexiness

Backless Design:

Keywords: Captivating, unique, make a statement

Versatile Wear:

Keywords: Endless styling possibilities, worn solo, with intimates

Convenient Features:

Keywords: Bottom buttons, easy dressing, undressing

Flattering Fit:

Keywords: Emphasizes figure, slim clothing version, large square collar

Thin and Soft Fabric:

Keywords: Comfortable, snugly hugs body

Size Options:

Keywords: Sizes S and M, detailed measurements

Size Chart:

Keywords: Perfect fit, refer for measurements

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Color classification: Black
Size: 165/80A

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