Crafty Felt Fabric Sheet: Premium DIY Material for Crafting

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Style: White(20cm X 90cm)

Crafty Creations Soft Felt Fabric Sheet: Premium DIY Material

  • Soft and Crease-Resistant: Mimics Acrylic Feel
  • Safe for Everyone: Environmentally Friendly
  • Easy to Shape: Moldable into Various Shapes
  • Versatile Usage: Ideal for Multiple Creations
  • Quality Material: 100% Polyester, 170gsm, 1.4mm Thickness
  • Convenient Size: 20cm x 90cm Roll
  • Child-Friendly: Perfect for Kids' DIY Projects
  • Crafting Endeavors: Suitable for Various Crafting Projects
  • DIY Projects: Enhance Your Handmade Creations
  • Non-Elastic Texture: Provides Stability for Crafting

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Style: White(20cm X 90cm)

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