WS2812B Pixel Ring SP110E Controller Kit: Endless Color Possibilities

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Style: 16LEDs Black

WS2812B Pixel Ring SP110E Controller Kit: Endless Color Possibilities

Product Description: WS2812B Pixel Ring with SP110E Controller USB Kit - Smart LED Lighting Experience: Enhance Your Space with Endless Color Possibilities. Customize Your Lighting Experience Enhance your living space with the mesmerizing WS2812B Pixel Ring with SP110E Controller USB Kit. This kit offers a unique lighting experience with individually addressable WS2812 IC built-in lights, providing a stunning visual display.

Main Features:

  • App Control via Bluetooth 4.0: Easily control your lighting setup from your smartphone with a long control distance for added convenience.
  • Wide Compatibility: Supports almost every kind of one-wire or two-wire LED driver IC for versatile usage.
  • Customizable Patterns: Enjoy 120 vivid and beautiful patterns with adjustable brightness to suit your mood and ambiance.
  • High Pixel Control: Set the total pixel number and control up to 1024 pixels effortlessly for a dynamic lighting arrangement.
  • Wide Working Voltage: With a DC5V~12V range, prevent reverse connection of power supply with ease.

SP110E Controller Specifications:

  • Working Temperature: 20℃~60℃
  • Working Voltage: DC5V~12V
  • Working Current: 20mA~40mA
  • Remote Distance: 20 Meters
  • Product Size: 85mm*45mm*22mm
  • Product Weight: 40g

Immerse yourself in a world of vibrant lighting possibilities with the WS2812B Pixel Ring SP110E Controller USB Kit. Please note that the power supply and LED strip are not included in the package. Transform your space today!

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