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USB Humidifier Cotton Sponge Sticks: Enhance Air Quality with Freshness

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Color: 100mm
Ships From: CHINA

USB Humidifier Replacement Cotton Sponge Sticks: Enhance Air Quality with 10 Pack

USB Humidifier Replacement Cotton Sponge Sticks - 10 Pack Upgrade your USB humidifier with these high-quality Replacement Cotton Sponge Sticks. Designed specifically for USB Humidifiers, Aroma Diffusers, and Mist Makers, these sponge sticks offer exceptional performance and durability.

Main Features:

  • Sponge Stick: Specially crafted sponge stick for efficient humidification.
  • Filter Replacement: Ensures clean and fresh mist production.
  • 10Pcs/Pack: Sufficient quantity for multiple replacements.
  • Replacement Cotton: Made from high-quality cotton for optimal results.
  • For Air Humidifier: Compatible with various air humidifier models.
  • For Aroma Diffuser: Ideal for use with aroma diffusers for a pleasant scent.
  • USB Compatibility: Works perfectly with USB-powered devices.

Add a touch of convenience to your humidification routine with these Replacement Cotton Sponge Sticks. Experience a refreshing and comfortable atmosphere effortlessly!

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Color: 100mm
Ships From: CHINA

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