Xiaomi Mijia Large Capacity Humidifier: Quiet, Efficient, Stylish Humidification

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Plug Type: European standard
Color: Mi Humidifier 2

Xiaomi Mijia Humidifier 2 - Enhance Your Environment

  • Large Humidifying Capacity: Maintain optimal humidity levels with a capacity of 300ml/h for a comfortable space.
  • Quiet Operation: Operates below 36db, ensuring a peaceful environment for rest or work.
  • Efficient Mist Discharge: Evenly distributes moisture with an efficient mist discharge method.
  • Large 4L Capacity: Allows for continuous operation, keeping your space humidified for extended periods.
  • Low Power Consumption: Energy-efficient, powered by A.C. source for your humidification needs.
  • Classic Columnar Design: Elegant design that complements your decor while efficiently humidifying.
  • Silver Ion Antibacterial Technology: Ensures 99.9% sterilization for a healthier environment.
  • Convenient Water Refill System: Instant water refilling without lid opening for easy maintenance.
  • 360-Degree Mist Outlet: Ensures even distribution of moisture throughout the room.
  • Water Shortage Protection: Provides safety features for worry-free humidification.

Experience all-day hydration with a generous 4L capacity, providing abundant moisture throughout the day. Enjoy the benefits of silver ion antibacterial technology, ensuring 99.9% sterilization. The Xiaomi Mijia Humidifier 2 features a convenient water refill system, 360-degree mist outlet, and water shortage protection, ensuring safe and worry-free humidification. Its quiet operation and thoughtful features make it a caring guard for peaceful and sweet dreams, providing comfort throughout all seasons. Sufficient water supply with easy tank refilling.

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Plug Type: European standard
Color: Mi Humidifier 2

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