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Brass Magnetic Snap Fasteners Kit: Stylish Clasps for Handbags - Crafters' Essential

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Style: Gold
Size: 14mm

Brass Magnetic Snap Fasteners Kit: Premium Clasps for Handbags and DIY Crafts

  • Versatile: Ideal for handbags, purses, and DIY crafts
  • Upgrade: Enhance your creations with durable snaps
  • Available Colors: Gold, Silver, Copper, Gunblack, Light Gold, Rose Gold
  • Reliable Closure: Secure attachment with magnetic feature
  • Easy to Use: Simple application for a professional finish
  • Convenience: Must-have for crafters of all levels
  • Order Now: Elevate your designs with 10 sets/lot

Shop Now for Stylish Creations and enjoy the convenience and style these Brass Magnetic Snap Fasteners bring to your craft projects.

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Style: Gold
Size: 14mm

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