Wooden Love Letter Buttons: Rustic Elegance for Stylish DIY Crafts

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Style: 100pcs A
Size: 15 mm
Ships From: CHINA

Wooden Love Letter Buttons Set: Rustic Elegance for DIY Crafting

Wooden Love Letter Buttons Set for DIY Sewing and Scrapbooking Enhance your creations with natural elegance using our Wooden Love Letter Buttons Set. Crafted with care, these buttons are designed to add a touch of rustic charm to your DIY projects, making them stand out with sophistication.

Main Features:

  • Exquisite Design: Laser-cut from natural wood for a unique and elegant look.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for clothing decoration, wedding decor, and handmade crafts.
  • Perfect for Crafting: Suitable for scrapbooking and sewing projects.
  • Various Sizes: Available in 15mm, 20mm, and 25mm to cater to different needs.
  • Smooth Edges: Ensures safe handling during crafting.
  • Eco-friendly Material: Crafted from sustainable wood for a more environmentally conscious choice.

Transform your DIY projects with these wooden buttons, allowing your creativity to shine through. Whether you are personalizing clothing, enhancing wedding decorations, or creating custom scrapbooks, these buttons are the perfect addition to your crafting arsenal. With options for 50 or 100 pieces in a set, you'll have plenty of buttons to customize your creations just the way you like. Let your imagination run wild and infuse your projects with a touch of elegance using these eco-friendly Wooden Love Letter Buttons. Elevate your crafts with a natural and timeless appeal that sets your creations apart.

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Style: 100pcs A
Size: 15 mm
Ships From: CHINA

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