Clear Gel Nail Extension Kit: Nail Art UV Lamp Cure Needed

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Clear Gel Nail Extension Kit: Nail Art UV Lamp Cure Needed

Product Description: Clear Gel Nail Extension Kit - Professional UV Lamp Cure Needed Transform your nails into stunning works of art with the BORN PRETTY Solid Nail Tips Gel. Achieve flawless nail extensions with this transparent and soak-off gel that requires a UV lamp for curing. Explore the endless possibilities of nail design with this high-quality gel that offers rich and bright colors.

  • Key Features:
    • Professional Quality: Made of healthy and eco-friendly materials
    • Quick-Drying: Cures rapidly under any UV light
    • Easy Application: Simple to apply and soak off
    • Long-Lasting Effects: Enjoy up to 3 weeks of wear
    • Perfect Nail Art: Ideal for professional or home use

Usage: Follow these steps for a professional nail art experience:

  1. Clean and trim nails
  2. Apply gel to the nail surface
  3. Adjust and press down firmly
  4. Coat with top coat and cure under UV or LED lamp
  5. Remove easily with acetone

Unleash your creativity and pamper yourself or surprise your loved ones with this nail art gift. Get ready to dazzle with beautiful, salon-worthy nails!

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