Booty Bliss Butt Acne Cream: Clear Breakouts & Dark Spots, Dermatologist Approved

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Booty Bliss Acne Eraser Cream: Eliminate Butt Breakouts and Dark Spots, Dermatologist Recommended

  • Ultimate Solution: Discover the ultimate solution for butt acne with our Butt Acne Clearing Spot Treatment Cream.
  • Goodbye to Skin Issues: Bid farewell to acne pimples, zits, razor bumps, and dark spots in the buttock and thigh area.
  • Key Effects: Clears and prevents Butt Acne, Promotes clear skin with Acne Clearing, Say goodbye to Butt Pimples, Fades Butt Dark Spots, Nourishes, cares, brightens, and moisturizes the skin.
  • Functions: Good antibacterial effect with gentle exfoliation, Reduces acne and prevents future breakouts, Repairs damaged skin, deeply moisturizes, and softens rough skin.
  • Usage Tips: Apply evenly on the affected area 3-4 times a day, Continue use post-acne removal for prevention, Avoid mixing with other functional cosmetics, Avoid prolonged exposure to ultraviolet or strong light.

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NET WT: 30ml
Ships From: CHINA

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