Acne Master Hydrocolloid Patches: Clear Skin Solution + 24-Hour Healing

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Acne Master Hydrocolloid Patches: Pimple Healing Solution for Clear Skin

  1. Acne Spot Treatment
  2. Acne Spot Treatment For Face
  3. Acne Spot Treatment Salicylic Acid
  4. Acne Spot Treatment Korean
  5. Acne Spot Treatment Patch
  6. Acne Spot Treatment Benzoyl Peroxide
  7. Acne Spot Treatment Hero
  8. Acne Spot Treatment For Face Salicylic Acid
  9. Acne Spot Treatment Roller
  10. Acne Spot Treatment Paula's Choice
  • Triple Extract Soothing Repair
  • 24-Hour Conditioning
  • Invisible Acne Paste
  • Effective Absorption
  • Acne Repair Principle
  • Protects acne surface from external pollution
  • Isolation: Creates a barrier between wounds and makeup
  • Waterproof and suitable for day and night use
  • Circular design shape for breathable, invisible coverage
  • Formulated with three extracts for faster acne maturation

Say goodbye to red and swollen acne with these Acne Master Hydrocolloid Patches! Designed for effective care, each pack contains 144 patches with a shelf life of three years. Measuring 8.6x1x6.4cm and weighing 10g, these patches are perfect for daily use.

    The invisible design ensures discreet application, while the triple extract soothing repair accelerates the healing process. Waterproof and long-lasting, these patches provide 24-hour conditioning. Elevate your skincare routine with these Pimple PatchMighty Pimple Healing Patches today!

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    Style: Style A
    Ships From: CHINA

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