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Delux M800 PRO Wireless Gaming Mouse: Elite Precision & Huano Pink Switches

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Style: White Mouse

Delux M800 PRO Wireless Gaming Mouse: Unbeatable Precision for Elite Gamers - 26000 DPI Tri-Mode Connection - Huano Pink Switches

  • Ultimate Precision: Experience ultimate precision and performance
  • Tri-Mode Connection: Seamlessly switch between USB Dongle, Bluetooth, and Type-C Wired modes
  • Huano Pink Switches: Featuring Huano Pink Dot Microswitches for crisp, stable clicks
  • 26000DPI Macro Mice: Equipped with a PAW3395 optical sensor boasting 26000 DPI
  • Enhanced Click Feel: Enjoy enhanced click feel with Huano Pink Switches
  • Long Battery Life: Up to 80 hours of uninterrupted gameplay with fast charging
  • Customizable DPI: Tailor your gaming experience with adjustable DPI settings
  • Smooth and Durable: Delux Flash Glass Mouse Feet made from Corning Gorilla Glass
  1. Wireless Gaming Mouse 2. 26000 DPI 3. Tri-Mode Connection 4. Huano Pink Switches 5. Ultimate Precision 6. Rechargeable Battery 7. Customizable DPI 8. PAW3395 Optical Sensor 9. Delux Flash Glass Mouse Feet

Wireless Gaming Mouse


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Style: White Mouse

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