Electronic Shooting Earmuff: Custom Sound Protection for Shooters

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Electronic Shooting and Hunting Earmuff : Top-Notch Sound Protection for Shooters and Hunters

Key Features:

  • Adjustable Range: Provides customized hearing protection
  • Compact & Low-Profile Design: Easy to carry and use
  • Noise Earmuffs: Safeguards hearing from damaging noise levels
  • Security & Protection: Essential for ear safety
  • Protective Muff: Safeguards hearing in the field
  • Audio Input Jack and Volume Control Knobs: Built-in for convenience
  • Comfortable Headband: Foldable metal wire frame for storage
  • Composite Housing: Effective soundproofing
  • Dynamic Range HD Speakers: Clear balanced sound
  • Sound Activated Compression Response: 0.02 seconds


  • Personalized sound management
  • Optimal protection with 23NRR rating
  • Quick SAC for noise reduction
  • Clear natural sound clarity
  • Easy volume adjustments


  • Ultra low profile ear cups
  • Weight of 0.98lbs
  • Independent volume controls
  • Low noise/frequency tuning
  • Available in Black, Green, or Desert colors

Please Note: Chromatic aberration may occur due to lighting conditions.

Package Included: 1 x headset (choice of Green, Desert, or Black) and 1 x Earphone cable.

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