Hay Feeder Hanging Pouch for Small Animals: Durable Pet Cage Dispenser

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Style: AA
Size: 2 holes

Hay Bag Hanging Pouch Feeder Holder Feeding Dispenser Container for Rabbit Guinea Pig Small Animals Pet Bunny Cage Accessories

  • Key Features: Safe Oxford cloth material, multiple holes for feeding, reduces hay waste.
  • Benefits: Durable feeder, clean pet cage, sequential eating for pets.
  • Unique Selling Points: Metal hook for easy hanging, suitable for various small animals.

Product material is safer: hay feeder uses high quality oxford fabric to ensure that your pet baby has a durable feeder. This product is feeder designed for small animals such as hamsters guinea pig, rabbits, etc. Suitable for rabbits, Chinchilla, guinea pig or other small animals. Small animals feeder have more windows, to keep pets eating in sequence and keep pet cage clean. The most important thing is to reduce the waste of hay. Metal hook: hamster hay bags, with metal fast buckle. Just put the hay on the cage. It can be directly connected to most pet cage or placed anywhere.

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Style: AA
Size: 2 holes

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