MIJIA Fabric Shaver: Effortless Lint Removal for Clothes & Sweaters

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MIJIA Fabric Shaver: Effortless Lint Removal for Clothes & Sweaters

XIAOMI MIJIA Lint Remover: Rechargeable Fabric Shaver for Clothes & Sweater Maintenance

Key Features:

  • 1-hour charge for 90 minutes of use
  • Efficient lint removal without damaging clothes
  • Strong suction power with patented impeller design
  • Industrial mold with 171 mesh holes for precise trimming
  • Various trimming methods for different clothing types
  • Safe and user-friendly operation instructions


  • Portable and rechargeable design
  • Effortlessly removes lint and fluff pellets
  • High-quality construction from Mainland China
  • Excellent usability from the MIUI brand
  • Reduces hassle with charging type design
  • Simplifies clothes maintenance in any household

Usage Instructions:

Press the switch button "C" to power the machine on and off. Follow the quick pruning method or specific instructions based on your garment's material and design for optimal results.

Important Notes:

  • Handle with care to avoid damage
  • Avoid exposure to extreme conditions
  • Use recommended charging accessories
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Read the manual for troubleshooting guidance

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Style: White

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