Elegant Retro Cheongsam: Modern Twist on Traditional Beauty

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Color classification: Rose Red
Size: 185/96A

Toast Chinese Bride Host Wedding Dress Performance: Elegant Retro Cheongsam for Modern Brides

Unique Selling Points:

  • Modern twist on traditional cheongsam
  • Retro flair

Key Features:

  • Long cheongsam silhouette
  • Short sleeves
  • High slit detail
  • Intricate embroidery


  • Captivates all eyes
  • Honors heritage
  • Luxurious finish


  • Chic
  • Sophisticated
  • Alluring
  • Elegant


  • Ideal for wedding banquets and special occasions
  • Ideal for wedding banquets and special occasions, this dress will make you stand out and make a statement as you celebrate in style.
  • Make a lasting impression and showcase your unique style with our Elegant Retro Cheongsam.

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