Nail Art Extension Kit: Stylish Dual Form Molds & Gel Clips

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Nail Art Extension Kit: Stylish Dual Form Molds & Gel Clips

Key Features:

  • High-quality and strong toughness
  • Quick building mold for nail extensions
  • Reusable dual form tips for poly nail gel
  • Provides a variety of shapes for DIY design


The Nail Art Extension Kit by FILI offers a professional salon experience with its dual form molds and gel clips, allowing for easy and quick nail extensions. The kit includes 60 high-definition transparent nail forms made from safe and odorless material, providing a natural fit and durability for various nail shapes.

Unique Selling Points:

  • Top molds and dual forms for precise and stylish nail extensions
  • Quick building tools for efficient application
  • Supports wholesale and individual purchases

Customer Care:

  • Fast shipment within 48 hours of payment
  • Responsive customer service for any product-related issues
  • Encourages feedback for continuous improvement


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Style: SZLDG

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