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Kids' Shrink Plastic Sheets Craft Kit: Easy DIY Creations

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Style: 10cmx13cmx20pcs
Ships From: CHINA

Shrink Plastic Sheets Kit: Fun DIY Crafts Set for Kids

  • Endless Crafting Possibilities: Let your imagination run wild with these shrink plastic sheets perfect for DIY handmade crafts and gifts.
  • Easy to Use: Simply draw, color, and cut out your favorite designs, then watch them shrink to 45% of their original size in the oven.
  • Wide Applications: Ideal for creating keychains, jewelry, buttons, gift tags, zipper pulls, bookmarks, scrapbooking embellishments, and ornaments.
  • Quality Material: Made of BOPS material with a thickness of 0.3mm, these sheets shrink to approximately 1.2mm after baking at 325F (165°C).
  • Child-Friendly Craft: Perfect for kids' art projects, these blank sheets are ready for any creative ideas your little ones have in mind.

Unleash your creativity with the 20Pcs Heat Shrink Plastic Sheets Kit! Transform your artwork into adorable 3D creations with ease using these shrink plastic sheets.

Key Features: DIY Crafts, 20Pcs Kit, Transform Artwork, Shrink to 45%, Made of BOPS Material, Child-Friendly.

Benefits: Easy Crafting, Endless Creativity, Quality Results, Wide Usage, Safe for Kids.

Get your pack of 20 today and embark on a fun-filled crafting journey!

Appeal: Fun DIY Set, Creative Crafts for Kids, Adorable 3D Creations, Easy and Safe Crafting.

Functionality: Shrink Plastic Sheets for Artwork Transformation, Ideal for Kids' Projects, Create Various Crafts.

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Style: 10cmx13cmx20pcs
Ships From: CHINA

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