Pearl Powder Pigment Set: Create Stunning Sparkle

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Shimmering Pearl Powder Pigment Set: Sparkle Your Crafts

  • Key Features:
    • 6 Colors/Set
    • Versatile Usage
    • Stunning Effects
    • Color Variety
    • Endless Crafting Possibilities

Enhance Your Crafts: Elevate your crafting projects with the 6 Colors/Set Pearl Powder Pigment, adding a touch of shimmer and shine to your creations. Perfect for DIY epoxy resin molds, colorants, and dyes, these pearlescent powder pigments offer endless creative possibilities. Create mesmerizing pearlescent effects that will make your crafts stand out with a hint of glitter. Each box contains 6 bottles with a net weight of about 7-10g each, offering a wide range of color options to suit your preferences. Unleash your imagination with the various color options available, from Granulated sugar yellow to Pearl magic green, and everything in between.

  • Appeal:
    • Shimmering
    • Pearl Powder
    • Crafts
    • DIY
    • Resin

Discover the magic of shimmering Pearl Powder Pigment Set for epoxy resin and crafts. Let your creativity shine with the shimmering effects and versatile usage. Elevate your crafts to a new level with the stunning sparkle and endless possibilities this set offers. Perfect for DIY enthusiasts and resin artists alike.

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Style: set 01

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