Golden Elegance DIY Artificial Flower Craft Bundle - Luxe Gold Decor

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Golden Elegance Christmas Wedding Decor Bundle: Artificial Flowers DIY Craft Material - Festive Gold Decor for New Year & Valentine's Day

Golden Elegance Christmas Wedding Decor Bundle - DIY Craft Material Enhance your Christmas and wedding decorations with the exquisite Lucia Crafts Gold Mixed Artificial Flowers Stamen Berries Bundle. Perfect for DIY projects, this bundle offers a touch of elegance and charm to your creations.

Main Features:

  • Ample Supply: Comes in a package of 6/8/10/12/90/144 pieces for various decor needs
  • Durable Materials: Made of high-quality foam, glass, gypsum, and more for realistic appearance
  • Festive Gold Color: Adds a luxurious touch to any setting
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for New Year, Christmas, home, wedding, Valentine's Day decorations
  • Creative Possibilities: Perfect for adorning cakes, gift boxes, wreaths, and more
  • Varied Lengths: Each piece varies in length for design versatility

Bring your creative ideas to life with this versatile bundle of artificial flowers. Please note that colors may slightly differ due to lighting and screen variations. Embrace the beauty of handmade creations with Lucia Crafts.

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